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Win7 Tip - Skip The Log-On Screen

If you don’t want to click past the log-on screen every time you turn on you can disable it by pressing WinKey+R and typing 'control userpasswords2' in the box that appears. Now untick 'Users must enter a username and password to use this computer'.

Win7 Tip - Speed Up Your Boot Time

Reduce the time it takes to get up and running by typing 'msconfig' into the Start menu search bar and clicking through to the 'System configuration' screen. Now select the 'Boot' tab, click on 'Advanced options' and set the number of processors to two or four, depending on whether your CPU is dual or quad core.

Win7 Tip - Correct Your Colours

Windows 7 has a built-in tool for ensuring the colour accuracy of your photos. Click Start and type in DCCW to bring up the Display Colour Calibration Wizard, which will helpfully take you through settings for brightness, colour and contrast.

Win7 Tip - Minimise Windows Quickly

Gestures are big at the moment. Windows 7’s Aero Shake is particularly cool, allowing you to minimise all your unused windows by grabbing the title bar of the pane you want left open and shaking your mouse.

Win7 Tip - Fine-Tune the Easy Way

There are tons of hidden settings in Windows that you could spend hours trawling the internet to find. Why bother? Just download EnhanceMySe7en ( instead, which makes fine tuning your system easy.

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Can't watch those West Wing DVD's because they're region 1 and your DVD player is region 4? Get onto the Web and find the hack that makes your DVD player region free. It could be as simple as a few key presses on your DVD remote. is a great place to start looking.


HDTV broadcasts all have network logo watermarks that spoil the view but codehackers have developed freeware tools, such as the Logoaway VirtualDub filter, that can remove those watermarks. It's free, but also illegal.


Music DRM can typically be bypassed by burning it to a music CD and then re-ripping it to a non-DRM format (like MP3).


Users who don't have a region-free DVD player can readily convert their DVD's region by ripping the DVD to a PC's hard disk, stripping the region coding on the DVD, and re-burning the movie to a blank recordable DVD.


Check out XPSecrets to discover secrets for Paint and Defrag, hidden uninstall options for XP components and inbuilt cheats for Pinball, Minesweeper, FreeCell and Solitaire.


You can create cool desktop shortcuts to send an email, open a Web page, lock your PC and more. Find out how here.


You can bypass the Welcome screen or Classic Logon Prompt, even if your PC has more than one user. The last part of the Microsoft Knowledge Base article gives a procedure that doesn't require editing the Registry.


Creating a printable list of fonts that you can use in your Word documents isn't exactly simple, but there's a cool Word macro you can create and use which will do the lion's share of the work for you.